Game Provider Analysis- Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is a company that joined the right industry at the right time.It was founded in 2006, at a time when Facebook was a relatively new platform, and consumer internet use was still starting.In a sense, they entered the online casino world at its earliest. And they did so with offline casino experience.And this makes their game designs somewhat unique. In fact…


Replicating Live Casino Games.


That’s casino Evolution Gaming’s specialty. Some game providers focus on aesthetics. Others focus on user-experience and engaging games. But, Evolution Gaming derives its identity from its attempt to mimic offline reality. It tries to bring the outside casino home.And it does so in a variety of ways. Evolution Gaming uses high-quality production studios to simulate good-looking dealers (especially females). Many of those dealers are live. Those casino games you find online are live!As a result, it’s a good break from the somewhat cartoonish elements” found in the majority of casino games!

Who Benefits from that System?


For starters, real-life casinos benefit greatly.They can now branch out their services to the internet. Instead of relying solidly on their physical location, they can dedicate some of their efforts to online sessions. Not only does that expand a casino’s client reach. But also, it saves costs on space, and it allows for wider opening hours!

Plus, the customers benefit too. They don’t have to visit a casino to enjoy a live experience. After all, Evolution Gaming offers…


35 original games (ensuring a player never gets bored).

300 tables (allowing enough space for a wide array of clients)

24/7 sessions (that operate through all days of the year).

Over 3000 dealers.

This makes it an excellent model for both beginners and professional gamblers.A new gambler has many tables and games to explore, eventually finding what’s comfortable to them. Alternatively, a professional gambler can enjoy different levels of game play, and stakes that match their capital.


That Aside: Here’s a Bit on the Platform’s History.


So we know that Evolution Gaming is popular and unique. But is it secure? The answer is yes. Evolution Gaming is an award-winning provider. In 2010, the EGR committee noticed the provider’s efforts, giving it a Live Casino Software Supplier of the Year Award (which it would receive again in 2015). Following that, it immediately earned a Software Rising Star award.

By 2013, Evolution Gaming would become Europe’s largest single-site casino. And it wouldn’t stop there. EGR would grant Evolution Gaming the “Game of the Year” award in 2014 – especially with the popularity of “Immersive Roulette” as its trademark game.


In a Nutshell.


Want a trusted game provider, online casino, and a realistic experience all from the comfort of your home.Then this is the provider to try. Casino Evolution Gaming is worth the experience. Check it out, and learn more!