Game Provider Analysis- IGT

IGT (International Game Technology) is one of the oldest gambling game providers in the world. It also has its origins in the US (specifically Las Vegas). Its beginnings date back to 1975, with its design of games and slot machines for land-based casinos. This makes it a 45-year-old company! And with its long presence in the gambling niche, IGT has made a successful entry into the online world!


More on the Company.


As of 2015, IGT employs around 12,000 individuals, with 15+ billion in assets. Plus, the company’s earnings are quite high. In 2015, IGT managed revenue of almost 4.7 billion USD! This makes it one of the biggest grossers in the gambling world, and it’s an indication that its games are worth a try!


Offices All Around the World


While IGT started in Las Vegas, it has offices all around the US. It also has a few offices in Europe, currently located in…

  • Rome (Italy)
  • London (England)

Most of its addresses are operating offices. And as of recent times, the company has relocated to London, England as its new headquarters.

The extent of Presence.


IGT is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and has been quite successful in attracting investments. It also operates in over 100 countries. Plus, it’s regulated in each of those countries, making it a trusted and licensed game provider.


More on the Services.


IGT offers more than just slot machine games. IGT operates in the lottery world. They’ve been doing so since 1980, assisting governments in organizing secure and effective lotteries.


Lottery Services.


IGT’s lottery services are sophisticated. They use an Aurora core system which is adoptable by many casinos seeking to set up a lottery system. IGT also provides a blogging section for lotteries. They discuss new lotteries and interesting changes in the industry, keeping gamblers up-to-date!


Sports Betting.


This is another service offered by IGT. They offer an online platform allowing customers to easily place bets. You can do so for a variety of sports, and with an advanced and adaptable platform. The platforms exist offline too. There are over 200 IGT kiosks for sports betting around the US. And their kiosks accept both cash and credit card bets.

But online, the platform works everywhere. You can use it on a laptop, tablet, and mobile, providing a convenient experience!

Online Games.


IGT offers a library of games that is easy to sift through. By heading to their website, you can search for games by category. You can pick a game type or a game based on certain skill sets. This makes it easier to either find games that are pure RNG, or those that rely on a combination of skill and luck!