Game Provider Analysis- NOVOMATIC

NOVOMATIC is a company with Austrian origins.It employs over 30,000 people worldwide, which is much more than most mega-corporations. And this is due to its global reach.It operates in over 70 countries, and many of its games are land-based, with 260,000 gaming terminals spread across the planet!


Gaming Terminals?


That’s right. This is a gambling game provider that works both online and offline.You’re essentially getting an industry expert with decades of experience. They understand how to bring the offline experience of gambling to the internet.And as a result, many of their games have been.You can see it in their high turnovers, exceeding EUR 2.3 billion in 2016 and 2017. And this makes NOVOMATIC one of the most profitable in its niche!And that revenue has been going up ever since. In 2019, the company grossed EUR 5.1 billion, ALMOST 2 ½ times its 2016 gains!


More on Their Credentials.


NOVOMATIC has been around for over 40 years.Most gambling game providers (that operate online) have been around since the inception of consumer internet (barely 20 years).Regardless, NOVOMATIC has a dominant presence in the gambling industry. It has been a recipient of many awards, with a recent “Casino Supplier of the Year” for 2020.

And by the way, that was a hat trick award, where the company did land the same award in the prior two years!

What About Licensing?


NOVOMATIC is registered with the majority of licensing and certification agencies in Europe.Licensing aside, NOVOMATIC’s software is safe. It’s encrypted to ensure a fair RNG experience with no hacker intervention.


Multiple Gambling Services.

NOVOMATIC provides gambling venues (over 2100 worldwide) in addition to lottery solutions.And its online games are amazing. NOVOMATIC offers almost all kinds of games, with a knack for table and slot games.Most of its slot games are 2D in nature, though some are 3D. Regardless, they come with high-quality graphics and excellent visuals.


Other Games Offered.

NOVOMATIC offers multiple platforms for its gambling games.This makes its games easily accessible to customers at the click of a button. And those platforms include…


The platforms are user-friendly and easy-to-navigate. And this makes NOVOMATIC a good starting point for new gamblers!

Green Tube.


This is NOVOMATIC’s interactive platform.It contains a wide variety of games. Not to mention, it also offers many career options to aspiring game designers!

NOVOMATIC’s Green Tube has multiple games to try, which include…

  • Romeo & Juliet “Sealed with a Kiss” (one of NOVOMATIC’s trademark slot games).
  • Ghostly Towers.
  • Riches of Babylon.
  • Cash Connection.
  • Diamond Link

In Summation.


NOVOMATIC is a platform worth trying.

It’s one of the oldest in the gambling industry, and it’s the most established. And that experience translates well online for fun and interactive games!