Game Provider Analysis-Sky Wind Games

skywind games

A requirement of a good gambling provider is transparency.Good providers don’t just discuss their games. They provide info on their licensing, accomplishments, and industry history.Sky Wind Group is an online casino developer that fulfills those conditions. And below, we’ll explore its history, achievements, and what it has to offer!


Sky Wind Group’s History


Sky Wind is a recent company in the online casino world.Launched in 2012, this company is less than a decade old. And compared to many of its competitors, that’s an advantage.Why? It’s because Sky Wind Group is more attuned to online consumer needs than other companies.You’ll see that in how they present themselves and their games.Sky Wind Group focuses on info that interests their consumers first, instead of attempting to entice them to try multiple games.And as a result, they’ve quickly grown in the industry. They’re currently partnered with Playtech, which is a known global gaming giant.


They’re also partnered with other major players in the industry, including


Location and Licensing


Sky Wind Group employs 200 professionals, has at least 8 certifications, and is licensed in multiple jurisdictions.However, their licensing doesn’t have the global reach of other companies (like Microgaming and NetEnt).It’s a European-based company (with its headquarters in the Isle of Mans). If anything, this makes Sky Wind Group more of a local giant.


Game Analysis.


Sky Wind Group has a relatively low game count compared to competitors (barely 60 games).Regardless, many of its games are best-sellers. Also, with a small game count, you won’t feel lost in a large library to try!Also, Sky Wind Group has a knack for specialization. They mostly focus their game designs on…

  • Arcade
  • Jackpots
  • Slots

Currently, Sky Wind Group has a massive jackpot in growth. It’s currently at 1.9 million euros (June 2020).Their jackpots are time-based, so they are renewed constantly!


Another Feature: Tournaments.


Sky Wind Group hosts tournaments for its games, giving its media a form of competitive enjoyment.Tournaments make this company an excellent place for seasoned gamblers. This lets them try games with less RNG, and a greater focus on strategy.


Some Games to Explore.


Skywind Slots is one to try.It’s highly popular. It’s one of the best-rated gambling games (often at near-perfect ratingsource).Sky Wind is quite popular when it comes to slot games though. And some to try include

  • Fortune Castle (slot game with 5 reels – and a possible x10 multiplayer for your prize).
  • Wild Qilin (a slot game with multiple reels).
  • Panda vs. GOAT (a slot game with 5 reels, and 4 pay lines).

You can always try their other game categories. Be sure to explore their website, and learn more!