How Neteller Works for Online Casinos

Casino Bonus Girl recommends gambling sites that offer multiple transaction options. And one we look at is Neteller. It is a competitor of PayPal. It is an e-wallet service that is highly trusted, easy to use, and with years of experience.

It’s also a popular option for online casino banking. It’s an instant bank transfer casino, allowing easy deposits and withdrawals into betting websites.

How Neteller Works.


It is a virtual wallet that connects your bank account with online shopping systems.Through Neteller, you gain a medium that lets you store money online, shop from any site, all while maintaining a good bankroll.

Advantages of Neteller.


The service comes with a multitude of advantages that are shared with popular transaction methods (while sometimes) offering extra features.

Those include…

Fast Transfers.

Neteller acts as a debit e-wallet system, which you can top up using credit card.As a result, it comes with the advantage of fast clearance. Its funds can be deposited or withdrawn in a matter of minutes.Also, you’ll never have to go through the increased withdrawal strains that you might have using a credit card.


Neteller can be used for a variety of online transactions. As a result, you can use it to explore multiple online betting sites.Online casinos that accept bank account normally accept Neteller. This makes it safe if you don’t like sharing your banking (or credit card) info on multiple sites.

It also gives you an added layer of protection, where less platforms have access to your financial information.

Credible and Popular.

It is owned by the British mega corporation PaySafe. It has slowly gained a large market share in the e-wallet world since 2005.Thus, it has been known around the world for over 15 years – making it one of the most trusted in the world.

Simple to Use.

Using Neteller is similar to using PayPal, if not easier.The verification process is less intensive. It’s a pleasant experience, while being secure enough to safeguard you from malicious parties.


A Neteller user’s account is safeguarded using multiple firewalls and 256-bit codes.All users have their own unique IDs and PINs for access. All information is encrypted so that financial or personal information stays hidden.Also, when used on a gambling site, a player can choose to get email notifications to confirm any deposit or withdrawal from Neteller.

Important Note.


Neteller does come with the drawback of location-exclusivity. So while it is popular, it isn’t as widespread as PayPal.

For example, the US doesn’t allow merchants in its area to accept Neteller (though it does allow gambling sites).

Also, many countries in the world don’t recognize Neteller, which might be an issue when linking your e-wallet to your bank account