Online Casino Game Analysis- Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo’s Quest was produced by NetEnt, being one of the more innovative titles they’ve released. It’s one of the best jackpot games you can try. It has a Mayan treasure hunt theme and to it, which adds a slight thrill.Basics aside though, you’re probably interested in the game’s features and what it offers. And we’ll discuss that below!


First – User Experience.


Gonzo’s Quest can be played on a variety of devices, including mobile. You can enjoy it on a browser. Or, you can enjoy it by downloading a mobile casino app that lets you quickly access it.Plus, the game has controls that work well for smartphones and tablets. So you’ll never experience issues with small on-screen buttons! But speaking of mobile, Gonzo’s Quest can be played on Android, iOS, and Window’s Phone.You can also use it more specialized mobile operators – like Kindle Fire.


Multiple Investment Options.


Gonzo’s Quest can be enjoyed through free trials, or by paying real money.The free trial gives you the chance to explore the game’s features without paying too much.Do note that you get limited features in trial mode. But you still get a fun experience that helps you judge whether you like the game!


Second – Features.


The jackpot can land you 62,500 coins, with each coin being $0.50 each. Thus, Gonzo Quest provides a sizeable grand prize for its jackpot – which around $30,000.

Now, this isn’t much compared to many jackpot games. But still, that’s a low entry barrier with a good enough prize that keeps players thrilled. As such, this game is highly recommended to budget gamblers or those new to online casinos.


Graphic Features.


Since the game is based on a treasure hunt for jewels, you’ll find that the game’s graphics are polished to reflect its most valuable prizes.

When playing Gonzo’s quest, you’ll feel like you’re on a real quest for an extravagant prize! In fact, the graphics are polished enough where you can consider them on-par with many video games of the next generation!


Game Design

This is a jackpot game that comes with  5 reels and 20 pay lines – so there is a multitude of ways to win a prize. Also, the game’s RTP is suitable for a fair online casino. Its RTP is almost 96%, so you can expect enough wins to make playing the game sustainable.Also, the minimum bets are low. You can bet up to $0.20 per spin, making this game not so expensive! The maximum bet is also sizeable enough for medium-to-large budget, which goes up to $50.However, note that the bonuses of this game are lackluster. You don’t get free spins, which might lower your playtime per dollar.